MODEL SERIES: His basics - makeup

Hello loves, for this blog post I'll be starting up a new category on my blog: The Model Series. In this series I'll be teaching you different styles and techniques used on models for various occasions and events in the fashion industry. My aim is to provide models and new artists a guide to the looks expected at certain events such as test shoots, castings etc.

Plenty of the lovely guys and gals over at DEJAVU Model Management are also gearing up for the Faces West convention and this will also be able to help you guys have a better understanding of what to do for this convention and other scenarios where a makeup artist might not be present. I figured this will the easiest way to teach you all as I wasnt able to have you all in my workshops with DVM, Hope you all enjoy xx

Let's begin with the guys as their makeup will be the quickest, easiest and most basic. Now luckily for you guys you wont ever really need to wear makeup if you don't have an artist present but for those of you that do, here are your steps!

To begin I prepped Zac's skin by cleansing it with Bioderma's Micellar water and a cotton pad. I then moisturized with Chanel's Hydra Beauty Creme and added Elizabeth Arden's 8 hours cream to his lips. If you find that you have dry under-eyes a cream might be useful, I'd recommend Kiehl's Avocado Cream.

 BRUSH: Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

BRUSH: Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

I first went in with a shear application of Mac Studio Finish concealer under Zac's eyes to cover any darkness, remember to match this exactly on your skin and do not highlight/choose a lighter shade as this can come across as very artificial on men. 

Next, I'm lightly going over any blemishes or redness on the skin, paying extra attention to the corners of the nose where people tend to get the most redness. I am using the same concealer as above, mixing shades to get Zac's exact tone so the skin looks completely even. Remember to keep an extremely light hand when doing this, building thin layers will look much better in the end than a heavy full coverage layer. 

 BRUSH: Artist's Brush

BRUSH: Artist's Brush

To set the concealer under his eye's I am dusting over a loose setting powder by NYC. This will prevent the product from creasing under his eyes. If you tend to get shiny in any particular areas using a bit of powder will help control that but remember to be very light when doing this. Powder is what usually builds on the skin and makes the makeup visible which is not what we're going for. I only strategically added powder to the sides of Zac's nose and a little on the center of his forehead as those were the only places he gets shiny. 

Finally,  I like to run a clear brow gel by Anastasia through the brows to add a more polished look to the face. This will also ensure the brows aren't unruly or out of shape and will frame his eyes nicely. Remember to brush the front of your brows upward and then outward towards the hair line as you reach the tail of the brow. 

So there you have the complete look for men suitable for test shoots, runway (bronzer may be needed under the harsh lights) or everyday life.

Hope you guys learnt something new today and check out this exact look but for girls over here! xx


Special thanks to Zac + Morgan of DEJAVU for being my lovely models and assistants on this shoot!