MODEL SERIES: Her basics - makeup

Hello loves, for this blog post I'll be starting up a new series on my blog: The Model Series. If you checked out my quick Male makeup tutorial over here you'll know exactly what this is about! 

Quick, easy and useful tutorials to help out new models in the industry with anything from makeup to skincare, hair and more. 

Here I'll be going over the essentials and basics for girls' everyday look. 

Let's begin!

 BRUSH: Real Techniques Contour Brush

BRUSH: Real Techniques Contour Brush

As always I prepped Morgan's skin with a moisturizer and lip balm. Morgan's skin is very normal and doesn't require much moisture so I opted for a tiny drop of Embryolisse's Lait Concentrate and Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream on the lips. I did choose to use a brush to apply the moisturizer, not for any particular or important reason, use whatever feels most comfortable to you. 

I do get quite a lot of questions on skincare and remedies and I try my best to answer them all in person but I will be doing separate posts on them as well! xx

When it come's to your average test shoot, casting, and events such as Faces West, less is more. I'm using a very light hand and a large brush to sweep concealer under Morgan's eyes and around her nose. The goal here is the even out the skin tone, NOT to cover or mask it. Any major blemishes or imperfection will be spot concealer with a very small brush (I love MAC's 209 eyeliner brush) and blended in with the pat of your finger. The reason I used a larger fluffier brush to apply this concealer is because I wanted a wider and more sheer application. Using small dense brushes will give you more coverage which isn't our goal in this case. 

Next up is brows. This step is the easiest and simplest. After brushing Morgan's brows up I ran Anastasia's Clear Brow Gel through them to lock them in place and give them a clean polished look. If you  have a scar or major gap in your brows I would suggest lightly filling them in with a brow powder. However, it's best to leave them as natural as possible. 

 Literally I don't know where the jacket came from. I'm just as confused as you are. 

Literally I don't know where the jacket came from. I'm just as confused as you are. 

To finish off the look I'm adding one coat of mascara to Morgan's lashes. I opted for a very wet formula, Chanel's Sublime de Chanel Mascara, that will add more length than volume and will not clump or thicken her lashes. Remember if you're a ginger or have very blonde lashes, a brown mascara will look much softer and more flattering against your skin tone. 

Now you're all done! Feel free to add more lip balm as the day goes on and if you're oily, keeping blotting sheets around will come in handy. Sephora do amazing ones that I always keep in my kit. 

Hope you guys learnt a little something from this and remember that your confidence and attitude will really be your makeup in scenarios like this. Wishing the best luck to all our wonderful gals and guys headed to Faces! You're all going to be amazing!

Special thanks to Morgan + Zac of DEJAVU Model Management for being my lovely models and assistants on this shoot!