Hi Loves!

Today I'll be sharing a few of my favorite fashion and beauty must haves. 


1. Let's start off with my bag! I often get asked what I carry in my personal bag so I'll be sure to have a post on that up ASAP.

But until then, I am currently carrying a Coach Rhyder Satchel. I typically wear all black so having a leather black bag was important as it would be easiest to pair with my outfits. I personally don't believe in switching up bags everyday. I think it's a hassle and waste of time, having a bag to match everything fits my lifestyle best.

2. My favorite dress shoes! These are my Kenneth Cole black leather loafers. The tapered end on these shoes make for a very flattering style while still being practical and comfortable!

3. I've been obsessed with big black round hats lately. I've never been big on hats but this particular one sits perfectly on my crown. This hat by H&M is incredibly flattering and seamlessly pulls a look together.


4. I am OBSESSED with dry shampoo. I use it almost every single day as I love the volume it adds to my hair. I also personally like my hair to be very matte and this particular dry shampoo does an excellent job of that. COLAB's dry shampoo absorbs instantly and is the only dry shampoo I've used that doesn't leave a white residue on my hair. I know a lot of bloggers say their favorite dry shampoo is translucent but my roots are pitch black. Literally all non-tinted dry shampoos leave my hair looking parched and chalky. This dry shampoo will forever be my Holy Grail hair product! 

5. As for makeup, I'm super low maintenance. After I get my brows on in the morning I don't really want to touch my face again. I toss in my current favorite lip balm which is by CHANEL and a pressed powder for blotting. If I want coverage I'll grab MAC's Studio Fix Powder. If I just want to be matte, I'll grab MAC's Blot Powder. 


6. And finally my favorite fragrance at the moment is CHANEL's Allure Homme Édition Blanche. This fresh and light scent is flattering at any season and is definitely my most worn fragrance!