This is my first time ever writing a blog post. I've juggled this idea around for the longest time and after being encouraged by my loves around me I thought it's about time!

My name is Zaheer, like the hair on your head. My last name is Sukhnandan, but let's be real you can't pronounce that. I am a makeup artist alongside many other things, but most importantly, I am an artist in the fashion industry. A large, fast, terrifying and exciting industry that I crave to be apart of. 

As I write this I'm thinking of all the possibilities this blog has to offer. Here I can express all my thoughts and feelings on the things that mean the most to me. The fashion industry, the world of makeup, or as I like to call it, face paint, and the creative and artistic vision that comes with this job.

While this blog will mostly contain product reviews, favorites, behind the scenes and other work related things, I'm sure I will be adding in some fun and random content as well!

Until then, thanks for reading and I hope I'll see you soon xx