RCMA LARGE ECONOMY PALETTE (cream foundations)

A few days ago I received a package in the mail that made me incredibly excited. I had order a product a week ago that I have been wanting for quite some time and it was finally here! That product is the RCMA Large Economy cream foundation palette. 

RCMA is a brand that is considered "professional." What that means is, you won't be able to come across their products very easily unless shopping online. Being a professional brand their focus isn't on marketing, fancy packaging or anything other than an amazing product. 

This foundation has been an industry leader for several years and a staple for many professional artists, whether in fashion, runway, red carpet, photography, and film or TV. 

One of the most prominent factors that makes this foundation so amazing (out of many) is that it contains 50% pigment (vs your average liquid foundations ratio (18-23% pigment to liquid) 

This means that with very little product, you will be able to achieve a completely flawless application. This amazing product is also only formulated with vegetable oils, pure waxes and FDA approved colors. This means the foundation is completely free of fragrance, petrolatum, mineral oils and is 100% vegan!

Other great perks of this foundation is its light weight feel, high coverage and long wear, true second skin appearance, extremely versatile color range, and ability to work on all skin types (powdering/primer is necessary for oily skins however)

You can grab this amazing palette for around $300 CDN on BeautyLish (american dollars) or Camera Ready Cosmetics or if you are a consumer and not a pro artist you can find the individual colors for around $30 CDN here and here