SCHOOL. YA. IT'S COMING. Here's to all my lovely friends now jumping into their grade 12 year ready to take on the world and finish up high school! Today I'm creating a super fresh full face look for everyday school that is light, clean, and easy to do!

Lets get started xx

 Using shades Porcelain and Ivory

Using shades Porcelain and Ivory

To start off this look I have prepped Aislinn's skin with Chanel's Hydra Beauty Creme Moisturizer to add a dewy and healthy radiance to her skin. I then went in with RCMA's Color Process Foundation and buffed it in with a Real Techniques Contour Brush. 

After applying a base to Aislinn's face I am going in with a taupe brown shadow, MAC's Omega, to lightly fill in and define her brows. I then set them in place with Maybelinne's Brow Drama.

(TIP: Remember you want to add structure and shape to your brows, not reshape or darken them, the last thing you want to do is look back at school photos and notice your "on fleek" intense eyebrows more than anything on your face)

To start off her eyes I am giving them a quick curl with Kevyn Aucoin's Lash Curlers and priming them with Urban Decay's Primer Potion

TIP: Using a primer is especially useful for school days, you probably won't want to be touching up your eye makeup and fixing creased shadow can be a pain. Having a good primer will help ensure your shadows stays locked into place all day. 

After priming Aislinn's eyes I will be setting the primer with a nude matte shadow that matches Aislinn's skin tone. This will remove any tackiness left from the primer and allow easier and seamless blending. Today I am using shadows from the The Balm's Meet Matte Nude Palette. Here I am using a flat Chanel shader brush. 

Next I am sweeping a slightly deeper, warm toned shade through Aislinn's crease to add depth and a little color. This shade registered a bit pink on her skin tone which I thought was super cute and fun. Pink eye shadow has been a very popular shade lately and will work great to add some warmth to your look as we transition into fall. Here I am using a MAC 217 blending brush. 

 I opted for a brown mascara as Aislinn has very light lashes and a fair complexion. 

I opted for a brown mascara as Aislinn has very light lashes and a fair complexion. 

To finish off the eyes I coated Aislinn's Lashes in Chanel's Sublime Mascara. I also went ahead and added concealer to her dark circles, MAC Studio Concealer in NC15, and lightly powder with a translucent setting powder, NYC Loose Smooth Skin Powder.

Finally to pull together the look I am dusting a light wash of a platinum-white highlighter to Aislinn's cheek bones to give her a healthy glow and sweeping on a fresh pink blush by Milani to add some color to her cheeks! Finish up with a touch of lip balm or lip gloss and your look is complete!

Just a few things to remember: Feel free to swap out any of the products mentioned for a more affordable option or something you already own! Use what you love and think is best for your skin type :)

You really don't need to go all out ever single day for school, do what makes you feel comfortable and confident but remember the only person you need to impress is yourself! 

Less is more, for everything, EXCEPT FOR STUDYING MATH WILL GET YOU!

You probably won't (you literally won't) be friends with that person who makes you feel anything but happy after you graduate. 


High school is such a small step in your life no matter how big it seems, just ride it out I promise the outcome will be amazing. 

Congrats to a new school year!