Here's a quick and easy guide on how I style my hair every day!

I like to keep my styling to a bare minimum, due to the constant bleaching that my hair undergoes. I try my best to avoid heat and anything else that may cause any further damage.

 I typically wash my hair at night (which sounds strange I know),  but doing so allows me the time to let it air dry. I prefer to allow my hair to dry naturally, but on occasion I will blow dry it. After my hair is completely dry I will massage raw coconut oil onto the ends of my hair. The added moisture of the oil will help hydrate my hair, as well as weigh down any frizzed or splayed ends. 

To minimize the shine, and maximize the volume, I will spray in Colab's Dry Shampoo to my hair. I personally prefer my hair to be matte, with a decent amount of volume and texture. Using this dry shampoo completes my look and holds the styling longer than any other products I've tried. 

To finish off my hair, I'll either comb it through,(If I'm going for a smart look) or brush it out with a paddle brush, and run my fingers through for a messy tousled look. 

And that's all! I hope some of these tips will help with styling your own hair! This could definitely work on men or women!