Here's a quick outfit I put together for a day out in rainy Van City. Keep in mind, I personally wear a lot of black and live and dress minimally so if that's not your taste this won't be super helpful. But, for everyone that always asks what I wear and where to get it, here you go!

To start off this look I grabbed a simple black mock neck tee from Zara. This cotton-elastane blend is not only light weight, but also short sleeved, making it great for the transition into summer. Because I try my best to live as a minimalist, having staple pieces like this is very important. It's versatile and pairs well with anything.

To keep me dry from the rain, I grabbed my Rains long rain coat. I am obsessed with clothes made out of plastic or pvc so this jacket was right up my alley. It's extremely light weight but 100% water proof. The only downside is if you're ever in direct sunlight wearing this you will BAKE because the black and plastic like material traps heat extremely easily. But it looks good soooo.

A simple pair of black joggers with zipper hardware by H&M keeps the look casual but clean. Again, staple pieces like these are great for their versatility and comfort.

Finish off the look with a pair of classic black Docs and you're all done!

Hope you guys like this outfit! Can't wait to do more posts like these in the future! x